FreeRTOS on RX63N

I am working on a project using e2studio, RX63N microcontroller, GCC compiler and FreeRTOS. I downloaded the FreeRTOS archive, but there is no RX63N demo project in it.

I added FreeRTOS to my RX63N e2studio project manually, but it does not work. I can not be sure that I added FreeRTOS correctly. For example, I can’t find the info about changing the interrupt vectors. Can someone please provide a working project for RX63N, e2studio and GCC?

When I create a FreeRTOS object, this happens. Firstly, “pvPortMalloc” is called, near the end of it “xTaskResumeAll” is called, then “taskENTER_CRITICAL”, then “portDISABLE_INTERRUPTS()”. An then an “INT_Excep_SuperVisorInst” exception occurs.

Thank you!

This version has a 63N project that uses the old IDE, but can still be used as a reference:

There is also a 64M example for e2studio that may be better:

Thank you. That’s exactly what I did. I added FreeRTOS manually to my RX63N project by analogy with RX64M project.
But I get this Supervisor Exception.

The solution was to switch to supervisor mode.