Example webserver SAM7x256 for eclipse

koty0f wrote on Monday, December 08, 2014:

Hello, I have problem with the starting example ARM7_AT91SAM7X256_Eclipse. Im using Eclipse mars, arm-none-eabi-gcc (yagarto-20121222), SAM-BA 2.13 and J-link 4.94c. Compiling is ok. LEDFlashTask ok. But when I start whole example. I cant connect to webserver and according to the guide LED4 is indicating problem. vApplicationTickHook function indicates all errors. Im quite new in this so it can be something really simple. Im using AT91SAM7X512 (but I red that the example for 256 runs ok), and deRFgateway board. I checket AT91SAMX256.h file to have ports ok, and it seems it ok. And in board.h file is nothing important…Just led pins and IP address. I have really no idea what could be the problem.

rtel wrote on Monday, December 08, 2014:

That demo is really rather old now, and Eclipse has come on a long way since it was written, so it is probably not doing things in an optimal way either.

If the X256 version is working, but the X512 version is not then it is most likely to be a linker script problem, or as you are using a J-Link, maybe a debugger macro problem (the macro that executes to configure the chip when you start a new debug session).