FreeOurToes wrote on December 03, 2018:


We would like to use WiFi mesh for our project. So we can deploy devices around the plant without externally expanding WiFi networks and also connecting to a GSM modem for separating IoT devices from internal clients network.

Does AWS have any plans on expanding their WiFi libraries to include WiFi mesh?

I haven’t started trying out mesh yet, but ESP32 WIFI MESH library is build on top of ESP32 WiFi library.

If I am to port WiFi mesh library I would have do to porting in aws_wifi.c and NetworkInterface.c
files? Basically replace esp wifi with esp wifi mesh routines.

Is there is anything else I would need to be aware of?

Also, I noticed about upcoming BLE support for provisioning WiFi credentials. I believe this would also be of interest to work with WiFI MESH.

prasadvya wrote on December 04, 2018:

Thank you for your feedback and questions related to Wi-Fi mesh and BLE.

We currently do not support Wi-Fi mesh but we will consider your request in future development.
You can still use Wi-Fi mesh with LWIP and please refer to the EspressIF documentation -

We have released BLE feature for EspressIF in Beta with MQTT over BLE and Wi-Fi provisioning demos.
Please refer to the AWS documents related to BLE feature -

You can start with the Amazon FreeRTOS getting started guide for EspressIF platforms –

You can also refer to the AWS blog on using BLE on Amazon FreeRTOS –

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