Amazon FreeRTOS BLE demos using a Raspberry Pi as proxy

TiglathIII wrote on June 05, 2019:

Hi Folks at Amazon,
I am currently learning AWS IoT, AWS Greengrass and Amazon FreeRTOS using a Raspberry Pi and ESP32 devices.
I have had some success with using WiFi on my ESP32 devices but for battery life reasons I would love to use BLE on the ESP32 devices rather WiFi. I noted that there is a beta branch for using BLE with Amazon FreeRTOS with demos that use either an iPhone or an Android phone as a proxy. As the Raspberry Pi supports BLE as well as WiFi is there any chance of getting these demos to work with a Raspberry Pi as the proxy?
My architecture of choice would be Raspberry Pi running AWS Greengrass and communicating with the cloud via Ethernet and the ESP32 devices, running Amazon FreeRTOS, sending sensor signals to the Raspberry Pi via MQTT over BLE. Does this sound a sensible use case, and if so, can you give me any pointers to get the BLE demos working with the Raspberry Pi?


TiglathIII wrote on June 06, 2019:

Thanks for that. I will look out for those test scripts and see if I can derive what I want from them.