Don't know where to start

nobody wrote on Wednesday, April 18, 2007:


I have a Keil MCB2300 Eval Board with the LPC2368 and using the uVision3 Eval Version with a uLink2 JTAG Adapter.

So, theres no port for my Hard- & Software, and I do not now where to start now…

Can someone give me a few hints?


nobody wrote on Thursday, April 19, 2007:

Does your uVision come with the old Keil or RealView compiler.  If the former than you can start with the existing LPC2129 Keil demo and convert this for the MCB2300.  I think there is a small change required in the port.c file when setting up the timer between the LPC2129 and LPC23xx, should be straight forward.  If you are using the RealView tools then there is not a project in the download (why not?), but if you email Richard he can send you an ARM7 RealView project which you would then havet to convert to be LPC23xx specific.  90% of the code is the same between all the ARM7 ports, only the timer, startup code and interrupt controller configuration differs.

nobody wrote on Thursday, April 19, 2007:

I have the Eval Version of uVision3 that was shipped with the MCB2300.
I think it uses GCC (?), I installed Cygnus Tool with GCC also.

What I managed to do is to compile the LPC2106 Demo for GCC with GNUARM and UnxUtils.
So I have no problem using GCC.

So you say I have to adapt Timer, Startup and Interrupt Stuff.
So first I have to modify boot.s.
I would like to use the startup code from the LPC_2368 Rowley Demo Project. But I can’t find it…

martinpb wrote on Thursday, April 19, 2007:

Hi there,

The startup code for the LPC_2368 Rowley Demo Project, lies in the package folder
og rowley crossworks IDE, thats why it isn’t present in the demo folder.