Port for Keil: MCB2388 board + RealView

carlo78 wrote on Friday, May 23, 2008:

Hi all,
I have just bought the MCB2388 evaluation board from Keil + ULINK-ME jtag adapter.
The board is mounted with an NXP LPC2388 cpu.
Is it available a FreeRTOS port for this platform?
Currently my development environment is Keil uVision3 with Keil RealView C/C++ Compiler (armcc).


rcbeuker wrote on Wednesday, June 11, 2008:

Hello Carlo,

I’m looking for a MCB2300/LPC2368 port for Keil uVision3 with Keil RealView C/C++, but until now, no succes… Take a look at;


The document LPC2300_book_v2_prn.pdf (The Insider’s Guide To The NXP LPC2300/2400 Based Microcontrollers) contains a FreeRTOS port to LPC2300, but I’m not able to get the example files from Hitex…


Roland Beuker