DNS resolution failed

I would like to understand FreeRTOS so I started building my own project from scratch with an ESP32 (Firebeetle). Basic setup, doing some LED blinking and writing to Serial works fine. I am stuck on implementing MQTT. I copied a lot of stuff from vendors/espressif/boards/esp32/aws_demos/application_code/main.c and demos/coreMQTT/mqtt_demo_mutual_auth.c.

The repository is on github under vinceTTs/freertos

Building and flashing to device is ok. Unfortunately I am not able to connect to AWS:

The output is the same when router turned on and off. So I guess the Board is not yet making any wifi-connection? Is there any way to get the status within freertos (like a callback/task of the wifi status)?
Any help and recommendations appreciated.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you even connected to WiFi? At least that does not look like from your logs.

If you are starting to learn FreeRTOS and want to use ESP32, I’d recommend to start with our examples so that you do not waste time debugging common issues. Once the code is up and running, you can step through the code to develop further understanding.

Note that you’ll need to use command line to debug if you use above mentioned examples. If you instead want to use VS Code (or other GUI ways as suggested by Espressif0 to debug, you can also consider using examples in this repo which also use the same libraries: GitHub - espressif/esp-aws-iot: AWS-IoT SDK as an ESP-IDF component