Unable to connect to WiFi

I am new with B-L475E-IOT01A2. I imported the project aws_demos into workbench. I have input my WiFi credentials in aws_clientcredential.h. I am unable to establish a Wifi connection. The output on the TeraTerm I have attached. Kindly help me how to proceed.

Prudhvi Sagar

@prusaga Could you provide a bit more information about which demo is configured to run and what revision of amazon-freertos you are using?

Perhaps you could modify vendors/st/stm32l475_discovery/BSP/Components/es_wifi/es_wifi.c to log to your console when attempting to connect.

Adding code similar to this to the top of es_wifi.c should give you a bit more information.

#include "logging_levels.h"
#define LIBRARY_LOG_NAME    "es_wifi"

#include "logging_stack.h"

#define DEBUG(...)    LogDebug( ( __VA_ARGS__ ) )

Thanks much,

Hello Paul,
I havent configured any specific demo. I have downloaded the project from AWS which says FreeRTOS V1.4.7 in main.c. Its the latest version as I downloaded it last week.

I have added the required lines in the file you mentioned, but the result seems to be the same. There is no additional log than the previous screenshot I ahve shared. Is there a todo guide I can find online to get things started?

Prudhvi Sagar

I am not aware of the process of how to configure a demo. Please help me connect the board to WiFi.

Can you link to the files you are using in Github - I just checked and the main() for the latest version doesn’t contain any version number so I’m not sure where you are getting the 1.4.7 from.