Cortex-M3 MMU using IAR

craigogawa wrote on Tuesday, April 15, 2014:

Is there an example project for the Cortex-M3 with MMU support using the IAR compiler suite? I’ve searched the documentation, forum and application notes but cannot find one. Before I head down the path of trying to port one of the Gnu-based project I thought I’d see if someone else has already done this.

rtel wrote on Tuesday, April 15, 2014:

I think a few people have done this. For example:

…but I’m not sure where to find code. In an idea world people would post all these types of development into the FreeRTOS Interactive site, but of course few do :o( All the same it might be worth taking a look there:


craigogawa wrote on Wednesday, April 16, 2014:

I perused through before but didn’t see any sample for IAR. After reading the thread you provided I looked again but still no luck. I came to the same conclusions as the poster but thought I’d see if someone else already has it working which it appears they do but never posted it. I’ll start down the same path and continue to see if I can contact the poster.

Thank you for the quick reply.