comtest is not on Cortex_LM3Sxxx demo

yyang2000 wrote on Tuesday, September 09, 2008:

Hi, I am looking for the help on the Cortex_LM3Sxxx_Keil demo to run the comtest program. I need to implement a serial communications via UART0. But there is only the serail.h file. I could not find the file serial.c that is supporting for the implementation of UART0 in the comtest.c. Also I need the UART0 Interrupt Service Routine. I wonder if someone did implemented this com program on the Cortex_LM3Sxxx_Keil demo and please let me to share your code or point to me where the demo code is. Thanks. 

davedoors wrote on Wednesday, September 10, 2008:

Luminary provide a comprehensive driver library with examples. There is a copy of the library in the FreeRTOS download and the examples can be obtained from the Luminary WEB site. Also I think the LM3S102 example in FreeRTOS has a UART driver.