Need a Demo sample for the LM3S9D92

joe0x7f wrote on Sunday, January 15, 2012:

Hello Everyone!

I would like to get ideas and suggestions on how I can (should) modify this Demo program (…\FreeRTOSV7.1.0\Demo\CORTEX_LM3Sxxxx_Eclipse\) to work with the LM3S9D92.

I was able to compile this Demo fine and get it to work fine on the  LM3S8962.

I like the FreeRTOS CORTEX_LM3Sxxxx_Eclipse demo a lot. It has nice features to it and would like a similarly working program for the LM3S9D92.

The lm3s8962 has an OLED display whereas the lm3s9d92 does not and this is where I suspect a major problem lies.

Any ideas on how I should proceed, please?

Hopefully, after getting FreeRTOS to work on the lm3s9d92, I’ll start work on reading and writing to the USB port on that board and adding that functionality to the Demo program.



davedoors wrote on Monday, January 16, 2012:

All Cortex-M devices you the same port for any particular compiler. If you are using IAR, then pick an existing IAR Cortex-M3 port and retarget it by changing the linker script to be right for the LM3S9d92.

joe0x7f wrote on Monday, January 16, 2012:

Thanks Dave! That helps me focus!