Coldfire JM128, BSP companies and USB OTG

dibosco wrote on Monday, July 06, 2009:


I am looking at the possibility of doing some development work for a new customer and he wants to use an OS. I am a big fan of open source in general and would like to use FreeRTOS if possible.

There are two main issues really for us to use FreeRTOS on the Coldfire JM128.

1. I am concerned about doing the port myself as I have limited embedded OS experience. I would prefer to have a third part do this for me I think. Can anyone recommend someone who would do a good job at a sensible price so that I could concentrate on the application itself.

2. Is USB OTG supported in FreeRTOS. The customer is insisting on being able to upgrade the firmware in the field by sticking a USB stick in and having it reprogram itself. I’m not yet clear in my mind how this could be accomplished, but aside from that, I am not even sure whether on the go is supported in FreeRTOS.

Very grateful indeed for any pointers.


anonymous wrote on Monday, July 06, 2009:

1. I think Wittenstein High Integrity Systems offer such services
2. As an alternative, students of mine have used SD cards with FreeRTOS, this was working really well.

rtel wrote on Monday, July 06, 2009:

Hi Rob - I seem to have written down your phone number incorrectly, could you send it again to r [dot] barry [at]  Thanks.


dibosco wrote on Monday, July 06, 2009:

Hi Samuel,

The SD card is a very interesting idea. I assume that you have a little run to complete bootloader program that will read the SPI port and write the new OS into main flash?

Richard, email is sent. :slight_smile: