STM32F107 + FreeRTOS USB Serial Tunel

rodrigodelavega wrote on Thursday, September 27, 2012:

I have question about USB serial comunication with Pc and FreeRTOS.
Have FreeRTOS some USB implementing functions, or i must add STM32F0x USB library?
Whitch interrupts i must remaping? Is anywhere any tutroial, or example STM32 project? I was loking to example atmel project in Demos, but in this demo was also implementation of web server and other features, and this was confusing for me:/

Thanks for reply.

rtel wrote on Thursday, September 27, 2012:

If you want a simple USB interface, such as CDC/virtual COM port, then the easiest thing to do is take the examples that are provided by the chip manufactuers themseves.  This is what the FreeRTOS demos that have USB (some of the older ones) do.  The question then is how to integrate it.  You can just take it as it is, or try and make it more multi tasking friendly.  I will be releasing some more up to date examples before Christmas.