Can freeRTOS support ARMV8-A?

I am using cortex-A35 chip. Out of some reasons, I am considering chosing freeRTOS as an OS. But i am not sure if FreeRTOS supports cortex-A35. Are there anybody know about this?

I have checked port demos in freeRTOS office site. FreeRTOS currently dosen’t support cortex-A35, but it supports cortex-A53, which is also 64-bits system struct. If i want to make freeRTOS to support A35, what kind of thinks that i should do?

You can use Cortex-A53 port as the starting point. This page also provides more details - RTOS for ARM Cortex-A

Thanks a lot. I have checked it.
But A35 and A53 is not totally the same. Such as MMU, which seems not supported in Cortext-A53 port. GIC is supported. Are there any other peripherals that i should care about?

Except GIC (which you already mentioned), I do not think there is any. Try running it and let us know if you face any problem.

Sure, I’ll run freeRTOS base on A53-port. thank you!