FreeRTOS support Cortex-R52

Hi team,

I would like to using FreeRTOS for Cortex-R52.
Do we have any port that support this processor?


The RTOS ports for the ARMv7-R and ARMv7-A are very similar. Would that also be the case for a ARMv8-R port, but not an ARMv8-A port? We have support for 64-bit ARMv8-A in the download, but not the R equivalent. Which chip are you using?

I’m working with S32S247 chip. Per my understanding, this processor support for AARCH32 Execution state and Arm/Thumb-2 instruction set. Can we have a portable code for both Arm and Thumb instruction set for this processor because i’m not familiar with Armv8-R?

The S32S247 with its SMP and safety features does not have a port to FreeRTOS. It may be possible to use the ARMv8-A to get a single core version of FreeRTOS running.

Shall I know where I can get ARMv8-A port reference code? I only see ARMv8-M port code in source tree.