Can FreeRTOS run on Qemu for ARM Cortex M?

hyteh wrote on Sunday, October 01, 2017:


I was wondering if FreeRTOS can run on Qemu for ARM, preferably on the Cortex-M series?

If so, are there any tutorials that can help me get started on setting things up? I’m planning on running qemu on Ubuntu/Linux environment as well.


rtel wrote on Sunday, October 01, 2017:

Yes, Qemu emulates the Cortex-M, and FreeRTOS will run on any Cortex-M
(0, 0+, 3, 4, 4F, and 7) that has enough RAM. No porting is required,
but you will have to set up a project. QEMU configuration is out of
scope for this forum though I’m afraid, but here are some links that
might help setting up a project: