Run freeRTOS with Qemu-system-arm

Hi! As written in the title, i have to run freeRTOS with Qemu in ARM platform (I’m on Ubuntu) to run a software for a project, but i can only find Demo’s .elf which doesn’t allow me to write commands. Any suggestion? Thanks you!

We run FreeRTOS in Qmeu regularly and show you how, but I’m not sure if just running it is your problem. What do you mean by


Searching on freertos site i only found guides which explain how to run DEMOS and i succesfully did it by debugging one of them (CORTEX_LM3S6965_GCC_QEMU) and then using “qemu-system-arm -kernel RTOSDemo.elf -machine lm3s6965evb” i got it working but ofcourse it was only a demo. After i thought that i could find a .elf in “Source” directory so i could run the real freeRTOS kernel (and not a DEMO), by using the same command 3 lines above, to execute everything i wanted. Instead i didn’t find a .elf file so i am trying to ask how this really works cause i am a bit confused. I am a rookie with QEMU and freeRTOS so this is a new world for me.
Thanks for the response.

FreeRTOS is statically linked into the application, so the demo and the kernel code are not separate, both are in the same .elf file.