Amazon FreeRTOS - How To Add Target; other questions...

westmorelandeng wrote on Sunday, December 10, 2017:

Hello All (Richard),

I just accessed the Amazon FreeRTOS interface under AWS on Amazon.

I was wondering - under Create New -> Hardware Platform - is there a way to add a microcontroller family to this vs. an IoT module - but maybe this is IoT module only now (and currently sparse).

Just want to know is there a demarcation of FreeRTOS v10.x (here) and FreeRTOS v10.x (Amazon IoT)?

I suspect kernel files and existing (and future microcontroller) ports will still originate here? Does Amazon plan on ‘forking’ the ‘master/base’ - or will all kernel files still be 100% here? I suppose some of us can fear the dreaded feature creep that seems inevitable. (Ha - tongue in cheek of course, hopefully.)

Good idea for the IoT stuff; but as long as the ‘bare metal’ stuff can be accessed here (or via SVN/git) - guess that’s OK.

But, this is progress and all-in-all a good thing - so congrats are in order also!

John W.

rtel wrote on Sunday, December 10, 2017:

Hi John,

The kernel code you received as part of Amazon FreeRTOS is the same as the kernel code you receive via SourceForge. No divergence. The website and download remains the home of the FreeRTOS kernel itself, as can be seen by v10 being released as normal here.