Does Amazon FreeRTOS supports development with Arduino IDE or PlatformIO?

Hello guys,

I’ve written a similar topic in Amazon’s FreeRTOS Github, which was answered with a link to this forum. These posts have been very informative regarding some other doubts I had, but I think there are still some missing pieces for me to adapt my current tools to use FreeRTOS.
I’m using an ESP32-DevKitC, and as said in Github post’s, Amazon FreeRTOS.

My goal now is to use FreeRTOS, inside an ESP32, and program my application code with PlatformIO or Arduino IDE, to use all their features.
And after reading other discussions here like 1 and 2 I’ve got some questions to ask:

a) Is Amazon FreeRTOS the same kernel as discussed in 2, but with AWS libraries included? Because if it is, then I just need to flash FreeRTO’s kernel to my board, include AWS’s libraries and I’ll have the same features as ESP’s demo, right?

b) Do I still need to go through the steps in 1 to create a new project? I wonder if I’m able to just put my .cpp or .ino app file somewhere and then work on it.

c) Are there any suggestions for tutorials that you prefer the most? Otherwise, I’ll just turn to the documentation.

Thank you so much for your time, looking forward to your answers!

Hi @Erickrk,

The contents in the Amazon FreeRTOS repo is the FreeRTOS kernel with reference integration examples to AWS IoT. If you are looking to create your own project, you’ll need to follow these steps:

I don’t have first hand experience with it since I haven’t tried it myself yet (only looked it up), but you should be able to include the ESP-IDF Arduino library into the project as an additional component ( If you’re using PlatformIO, you’ll want to have the project set as an ESP-IDF project, not Arduino.

The contents in the Amazon FreeRTOS repo will not work in Arduino IDE.

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Thank you so much, @rashed!

Mind if I keep the topic open in case someone wants to add to this?
I can come back here and share some of my accomplishments too.

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Please do share your experiences and what works. You’re not the only one I’m sure that wants to try this out.