Amazon FreeRTOS kernel differs from FreeRTOS?

mastupristi wrote on Thursday, June 06, 2019:

There are differences between the Amazon FreeRTOS kernel and FreeRTOS.
For example, taking version 1.4.0 of Amazon FreeRTOS ( I find that the kernel version contained is 10.0.1 (see
This file differs from the one found on the official repository (see There are two more function prototypes: xTaskGetIdleTickCount() and xTaskGetIdleTickCountFromISR().
So I assume that the teams that develop FreeRTOS and Amazon FreeRTOS are different. But why not port patches from one project to another?
I understood that Amazon FreeRTOS was a collection of middleware and libraries over an “official” FreeRTOS kernel.

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rtel wrote on Friday, June 07, 2019:

The tagged versions should be the same. That is, the version in
SourceForge that is tagged to a particular version number should be the
same as that in the AWS repository that has the same kernel version
number in th kernel source files. From your post is sounds like that is
not the case, and if so, would seem to be a mistake. I will investigate
and let you know…

mastupristi wrote on Friday, June 07, 2019:

the lines was added in the commit 48bd9ca14a28af7cc2cbfa3a344f4fff41ea3e24, for the release 1.3.0, by Gaurav Aggarwal, on Aug 1, 2018:

mastupristi wrote on Thursday, June 20, 2019:

Did you investigate?
Do you have anything new to report?

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rtel wrote on Thursday, June 20, 2019:

I actually did a diff on the version provided as part of the release in
Gituhub earlier this week. I found a couple of changes where the order
of include files was checked by the preprocessor in the stream/message
buffer files, which I copied into the SVN version (but not checked in
yet) - but that was about all (as I recall - in any case - anything I
found will be in SVN too). They will be become submodules of each other
to automate keeping in sync! I have actually started to bring in a
subset of other aws Github libs into SVN already (just infrastructure so
far, as a first step -
) which makes the need to link to rather than copy more important.