About FreeRTOS Cellular Library and FreeRTOS+TCP

I’m trying to use FreeRTOS Cellular Library and FreeRTOS+TCP from Quectel BG96 on STM32F427 to make MQTT connection.
However, I am having a problem with tlsHandshake().
The type of Socket_t used by Sockets_Connect() in sockets_wrapper.c is cellularSocketWrapper_t.
The type of Socket_t used by FreeRTOS+TCP is FreeRTOS_Socket_t.
Therefore, when prvTCPSendCheck() executes prvValidSocket, the result is pdFALSE.

Is there any incompatibility between Quectel BG96’s FreeRTOS Cellular Library and FreeRTOS + TCP?
Or am I misconfiguring it?

Can you give me some feedback on this issue?

Thank you.

Hi Horigan,

FreeRTOS Cellular Interface uses TCP/IP stack on cellular modem.
Therefore, you will only need the cellular socket wrapper.
FreeRTOS+TCP socket wrapper is not required if you only want to use cellular network.

If you’re having problem disabling either one of the socket wrappers, please help to provide more information. We will read the message and reply.

Hi @horigan,

we will close this issue if no any further update. Welcome to create new issues or reopen it if you still meet the issues.