xQueueIsQueueEmptyFromISR incorrect return value

Hi FreeRTOS maintainers,

I was using the API xQueueIsQueueEmptyFromISR and had some issues with the return value which is incorreclty documented in the PDF version of the docs I found here: https://freertos.org/fr-content-src/uploads/2018/07/FreeRTOS_Reference_Manual_V10.0.0.pdf. It says the API returns pdFALSE if the queue is empty, however it’s the other way around. It is correctly documented on the web version of the docs: FreeRTOS - FreeRTOS queue API functions, including source code functions to create queues, send messages on queues, receive messages on queues, peek queues, use queues in interrupts..

I am not sure if there are other wrong return values but took me some time to figure it out. Is it better in general to use the web version of the API reference?

Thank you for checking it out.

Best regards,


Thank you for your attention.

It is generally better to prefer the web version of the API documentation as it is easier to keep up to date. We will address the pdf as soon as we can.