Function missing from docs

jorick23 wrote on Wednesday, September 10, 2008:

It appears that the uxQueueMessagesWaitingFromISR function is missing from the online documentation.  I was trying to implement uxQueueMessagesWaiting in an interrupt but it kept crashing, so I looked in queue.c to see why and I found uxQueueMessagesWaitingFromISR. 

Will it be added soon or is there a reason it’s not there?


rtel wrote on Wednesday, September 10, 2008:

signed portBASE_TYPE xQueueIsQueueEmptyFromISR( const xQueueHandle pxQueue );
signed portBASE_TYPE xQueueIsQueueFullFromISR( const xQueueHandle pxQueue );
unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxQueueMessagesWaitingFromISR( const xQueueHandle pxQueue );

are all missing from the documentation.  These were added to assist with the rather poor semantics of the xQueueSendFromISR() function.  The semantics were improved in V5.0.0 making these functions somewhat redundant.  To be honest, because of this I had simply forgotten to add them to the documentation.  I would appreciate you adding a ‘feature request’ tracker item in SourceForge to remind me to do this.