Willing to do rtos app with mega32.

nobody wrote on Friday, April 20, 2007:

Hello Forum,
I have some experience in microcontroller programming but i want to do RTOS application with my atmega32 microcontroller using IAR C Compiler.I need step by step knowledge for it becoz i never have done a simple application using RTOS.Please help me n one more thing i have no any development evaluation kit like STK500 or else i want to do it without board silly question but its true i have no any knowledge about implementation of RTOS.

please help me.

nobody wrote on Friday, April 20, 2007:

Its a long time since I looked at it but I think the existing AVR323 port will run in the AVRStudio simulator.  So you can play with it with no hardware.  I was using GCC, but see no reason why you could not generate an elf file from IAR and do the same thing.

nobody wrote on Saturday, April 21, 2007:

Thanks for the reply but i m trying it from many days but i m not able to generte .hex file through it.I have a avr programmer by which i can program the atmega32.please guide me how can i generate .hex file. 

nobody wrote on Thursday, April 26, 2007:

Hello !

Runnig freeRTOS with ATmega32 is quite easy. Using ATmega323 port you have only to change few things wich are different . You can see my changes here:
and here:
(as you can see i’m beginer too :slight_smile:

I’ve compiled freeRTOS using avr-gcc (winavr), but it’s possible to use winavr as embedded compiler in AVRStudio,
and then startet new AVRStudio project using *cof* file (or something like this :slight_smile:


Jakub Walczak