Which portISR should be used for ARM 9.

ozsmit wrote on Wednesday, November 14, 2012:


I am starting a new port for an ARM9 Nucleus OS project to a FreeRTOS project.  I am using the Rowley tools.  Which portable folder should I use as a template?

\CrossWorks Projects\FreeRTOSV7.2.0\FreeRTOS\Source\portable\GCC\ARM7_LPC2000


\CrossWorks Projects\FreeRTOSV7.2.0\FreeRTOS\Source\portable\GCC\ARM7_LPC23xx

The seems the same with different names…  The LPC23xx usign Premptive as a naming convention will the other does not.  They both seem to have the same code.



rtel wrote on Wednesday, November 14, 2012:

While the ARM7 and ARM9 are very different in the hardware, to the kernel they look very similar if not the same.  You could therefore use any of the ARM7 ports as a starting point.  You will have to change the code that configures the timer to create a tick interrupt, and the code that handles the interrupt controller, as these differ across parts, but the rest should remain the same.

There is an ARM9 port, but probably only in the portable/iar directory, rather than the GCC directory.