Using Visual Studio FreeRTOS simulator with CMSIS-OS


I’m developing application for STM32 with FreeRTOS and ST Cube use CMSIS when it is generate code.

I want to be able to use this CMSIS based FreeRTOS code also with FreeRTOS Visual Studio simulator.

Does anyone have a solution for that? CMSIS-OS for FreeRTOS that is working under WIN32 Visual Studio?



I have never tried that in the Visual Studio simulator but assuming that CMSIS OS wrapper just maps the calls to FreeRTOS APIs, you can try to copy CMSIS OS wrapper files from ST project to your Visual Studio project.


I did try that but I was stuck after I saw that it required an include file called - “cmsis_compiler.h” and this file is including other files that are compiler dependent and the list of supported compiler does not include WIN32 (I attached the file here) cmsis_compiler.h (9.5 KB)

Thanks for sharing - then it seems more work. Easier route may be to use FreeRTOS APIs directly in your application.

I am using CMSIS for the STM, but i must use the generic FreeRTOS function as OS dependent stuff then you will be able to develop and debug on multiple is and this #includes my pseudo-HAL drivers for Visual Studio.