using Rowley cross works for ARM processor

nobody wrote on Friday, January 19, 2007:

I have Atmel EB01/EB40 board absed on Atmel AT91R4008 processor. I have FreeRtos working on it using GNU tools. However, I would like to use Crossworks from Rawley. Just to get started, I wrote simple program - toggling LED’s (not using FreeRtos) that worked fine. However, when I wanted to enable Timer Interrupts, interrupt routine would not get invoked. Question - do I need to do anything special to enable interrupts? I am using the code very similar to the FreeRtos code for enabling the interrupts. If someone has used the Rowley crossworks studio to run the FreeRtos may know the answer on the interrupts.
Thanks for your help

rtel wrote on Saturday, January 20, 2007:

Are you saying the timer routine does not work even when not using  If so then its really a question for Rowley support rather than support. 

Take a look through the directory of demo projects that comes with CrossWorks, even if there is not a timer demo you could copy the IRQ, vector and project setup from a demo that uses a different peripheral interrupt just to get it working. 

The CrossWorks documentation tends to be very good, but because there is a lot of it sometimes it might be difficult to find the part you are needing.  I have not used CrossWorks with the R4008, but have with other ARM7 processors.  With these other processors there are some project settings you required like VECTORED_INTERRUPTS to be defined, etc.  Maybe there is something similar for the R4008.  Have a look in the crt0 file for any constants that need definition.