Using FreeRTOS for multi-core environment (TC3XX)

Hello All,

I am new FreeRTOS user (version :FreeRTOSv10.2.1_191129)
I want to use FreeRTOS for TC3XX controller in multi-core environment.
Please guide with:

  1. Can we use it in multi-core evironment?
  2. If yes for point 1, what all changes/precautions needs to be done in code?
  3. Can we make use of FreeRTOS for safety relevant applications?

There is a FreeRTOS demo for a TC1782 here: I’m not sure how close that core is to the TC3xx core, but somebody on the forum recently ran the same port, or was able to modify the port, to run on a TC399xx.

We do not provide safety certification evidence for FreeRTOS, so if you wanted to use it in a safety environment you would need to do that yourself - however our strategic partner provides SafeRTOS (not open source) for Tricore that has various different safety certification packs.