TMS570 port with C++ code

emab73 wrote on Friday, May 10, 2013:

    I want to use FreeRTOS in a Hercules TMS570 with CCSv5, and I used this port ->

When I develop my task in C++ and include “FreeRTOS.h” from a C++ source file I get  a compilation error in FreeRTOS\portable\CCS\ARM_Cortex-R4\portmacro.h because of the usage of pragma SWI_ALIAS.
I was reading the compiler manual, and a little difference in the pragma usage exists depending on whether you use C or C++

I replaced the line 120 in portmacro.h:

#pragma SWI_ALIAS( vPortYield, 0 )


#ifdef __cplusplus
	#pragma SWI_ALIAS(  0 )
	#pragma SWI_ALIAS( vPortYield, 0 )

I want to know if this modification is valid.

Thanks in advance!

rtel wrote on Monday, May 13, 2013:

I was hoping somebody else would answer this as I’m not a C++ user myself - but I would say if the modification compiles and provides the functionality you expect then it must be ok.