Technical Leads / FreeRTOS Porting

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope im not stepping to far into the lions den so to speak, but i thought what better place to intentionally find someone that has vast experience of FreeRTOS than the official home of it.

I am working with a client at the moment that has asked me to find them a Technical lead to join them, someone who has experience of porting FreeRTOS from one chip to another.

Anyone reading this would you happen to be looking for a new role and/or interested to learn more? My client is based in The Netherlands and a true innovator.

All contact will be completely confidential.
Feel free to drop me an email and we can find a time that suits you to speak to one another.
email: sam dot wiltshire at paratuspeople dot com

(If this is the wrong thread/location please do let me know and ill happily move it)

Hi Sam - I have taken the liberty of moving your thread to the Kernel forum rather than the Libraries forum. I have also obfuscated your email address to protect from bots.

Thanks Richard, I should have thought about the “bots”