TCP/IP stack selection

saravanan85 wrote on Tuesday, March 11, 2008:

Hi all,
    I am begineer to TCP/IP stack creation.I have been working with i.MX27 multimedia application processor for my project.I am using FreeRTOS v4.7.1 and IAR embedded workbench v.5.11.
    I dont know which type of TCP/IP stack(uIP or lwIP) is better for my project.How can i select which type of TCP-IP stack has best since my processor has 45KBytes of RAM.


davedoors wrote on Tuesday, March 11, 2008:

I cannot say which is best for your project as I don’t know what your project is.

uIP - very small and simple. One RAM buffer that can be tiny. Negatives include only one packet can be outstanding on the network at any one time. Not a standard interface.

lwIP - more like a traditional stack and interface but much larger and complex. Not easy to set up and more RAM hungry although still small compared to other stacks.