SWI interrupts

chinamaykumar wrote on Tuesday, May 06, 2008:

I am using lpc2368 port and lpc2138 port of freertos using WINARM.
I am getting problem in taskyield which is call of SWI.
My situation is defferent.I am not usiing .bin instead of .hex file.
Actually I have a application programme at address 0x0 in flash which executes binary file of Freertos that can be downloaded through Hyperterm x modem.In the boot.S file i gave startup address 0x8008

My task running successfully but when i call vTaskDelay() or vTaskresume() my board hanged.This is due to call of SWI.
AsĀ  I studied SWI goes to 0x08 address. So how can i handle SWi so that it work fine?

davedoors wrote on Tuesday, May 06, 2008:

.bin or .hex file makes no difference.

It sound like you have remapped your vector table, is this correct? Wherever your vector table is, its SWI handler must point to the FreeRTOS SWI handler function.

chinamaykumar wrote on Tuesday, May 06, 2008:

no i didnt remapped vector table till now and trying to remap that.
can u give any suggestion how to remap vector table ?