Support for Maxim 32665 Cortex-M4

The latest Maxim SDK demonstrates operation with quite old version of FreeRTOS (8.x), which is too old for us to use with CMSIS. I’ve downloaded 10.4.1 and I see that Maxim is not listed in the supported devices. No word from Maxim yet as to whether anyone is updating for the latest and greatest. Does anyone have a recommendation for where to check for a working example project for this family?

Basically it’s a Cortex-M4 so any CM3/CM4F demo is fine.
On the other hand you could also drop-in replace the legacy FreeRTOS 8.x with 10.4.x in your MaximSDK demo. It should be backwards compatible.
You can make use of newer features later on / step by step.

Right - the FreeRTOS Cortex-M ports have no dependency on anything other than the Cortex-M core itself. As all Cortex-M cores are the same the FreeRTOS port files will work on any Cortex-M part.