STR912 PWM start/stop in FREERTOS

biradarajinkya wrote on Monday, February 04, 2013:

Hello friends,
I am using STR912 comstick with IAR embedded workbench which generates .out file which I am flashing using openocd+telnet as IAR flash using GDB is not working properly.

I am using “Ethernet demo” provided on freeRTOS site to generate PWM signal on GPIO for IR signal of a remote.

I am able to start and generate variable width PWM as I wanted. But I want it to stop after around 30 pulses are over, but I am not able to stop it, It keeps repeating that 30 pulse sequence.

I mean If I clear CR1 register (which is used for initial settings of timer and PWM) then it enters in abort mode or undefined instruction mode or it will just not start.

I have tried various possible things to make it work. But it is just not working as expected.

If any body worked on this or similar like this please guide me.

rtel wrote on Monday, February 04, 2013:

Is this a FreeRTOS problem?  If so, please show the structure of the task that is controlling the PWM.

If this is an STR9 problem, or an STR9 peripheral problem, then I’m afraid this is not the place to ask the question.