STR9 GCC port problem

tolein wrote on Sunday, July 06, 2008:

I’ve been trying to port the IAR webserver demo for str9x to
gcc but have run into a wall. Everything seems to be fine,
but the scheduler refuses to start.

I’ve checked and double checked everything and made sure the
arm runs in supervisor mode and the stack is correctly
aligned and so on …

I’ve also searched the forum but, no one seems to have my problem.
The logical conclusion is that I’ve messed something up and just
can’t find the problem.

Does anyone have a working port of FreeRTOS for STR9 + GCC that
they could share or any idea what could be causing this ?

The last thing that gets called is portStartFirstTask and after
that the system starts going into an abort loop.

I’m running on the Hitex str912 eval kit and compiling with
yagarto gcc.

Thanks in advance !


rtel wrote on Sunday, July 06, 2008:

Hi Toni,

Sorry my "please use the forum" reply to your email was written having not read your email to the end.  I get a lot of email!  Now having read your post on the forum I realise you were in fact asking for me to send you the files, which I have now done.


damienhoyen wrote on Monday, July 07, 2008:


I m using a STR912, board Olimex, with GCC Yagarto
(and the port given by richard barry, which is working fine).

My feeling (i m not expert :wink: , but i can share with you problems i had) is :

- Scheduler not start in supervisor mode
- heap size is insufficient, for the number of task and the memory allocated per task (the function vTaskStartScheduler exit, should never be the case)
- Heap size different between linker file and FreeRTOSConfig.h (I m not sure but i have a heapesize "defined" in my linker script, i suppose you can introduce a inconsistence between memory size / area if they are not equal… Maybe somebody experimented could confirme or not my idea)
- Your highest priority task is always running (loop: for/while "without break")… and "nothing else" can be done around…