STM32+FreeRTOS issue when using "HAL_UART_TRANSMIT_IT"


We want our device (STM32-F446RE running FreeRTOS + Telit ME310G1 modem) to communicate to the AWS cloud. We are trying to follow the Cellular Interface Library Demo, in particular following the diagram

We are using coreMQTT Agent, MbedTLS libraries, the amazon communication interface implementation for UART, and amazon UART API implementation (I was unable to add the links).
UART using 115200 baud rate.
Currently failing on the Cellular_Init function when trying to send the first AT command to the modem, specifically when calling the HAL_UART_TRANSMIT_IT function from the above comm interface send function. While debugging we see that the USART1_IRQHandler is called infinite times and nothing is sent through the UART communication.
We are using the default handler, do we need to implement it in any way?

void USART1_IRQHandler(void)

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

I’m not using cube/HAL but but isn’t HAL_USART_IRQHandler the matching handler for a USART (and husart1 the matching handle for USART1) ?
UART and USART are similar but different controllers.

Vice versa when in fact using UART1 HW interface resp. controller the corresponding default ISR is UART1_IRQHandler.

This question seems specific to ST provided code rather than FreeRTOS. I would recommend getting the UART to work in a standalone project (without any other code) before integrating it into your production code.