ST ble feature does not compile.

personlast wrote on April 16, 2019:


I am currently looking to setup the ble demo with the STM32L475 Discovery Kit
but ran into compilation issues out of the box against the public beta branch (feature/ble-beta).

I have followed the Aws guide here regarding setting up ble demo:

Steps I took to set up the project

  1. Downloaded the source code zip
  2. Created eclipse workspace for use with stm32 workbench
  3. Imported the existing project under
  4. Selected the Project Tab -> Build All
  5. IDE console output is attached

System information
I’m currently on MacOS
using the stm32 workbench IDE
targeting the STM32L475 Discovery Kit board
My version of Amazon FreeRTOS is amazon-freertos VERSION 1.4.7
I’m targeting the MQTT over ble demo example

Any info or help on this will be appreciated, thanks.

Edited by: personlast on Apr 16, 2019 1:49 PM

DanielH-aws wrote on April 22, 2019:

Hi @personlast,

Thanks for raising this issue. We’re aware of the non-functional demo on the STM32L475 Discovery Kit and are working on fixing it in the release-1.5 branch. Once the demo is fixed, you will be able to compile the BLE demo for the STM32L475 Discovery Kit IoT Node.