Specifying static allocation via Atmel START?

I’ve used Atmel START to create a sample FreeRTOS app. It’s using dynamic allocation, but my application requires static allocation.

  • Is there a way to specify static allocation (e.g. xSemaphoreCreateMutexStatic) in the Atmel START dashboard?
  • The generated project includes rtos_port.c, which has calls to (e.g.) xSemaphoreCreateCounting rather than xSemaphoreCreateCountingStatic. What’s the correct remedy? Should I hand-edit rtos_port.c?
  • (Less important) Atmel START generates FreeRTOS v10000, which is a bit behind the latest release. Is it worth upgrading, and if so, what’s the best way to do that?

Sorry - but you are asking about a third party tool provided by Atmel/Microchip - I would recommend asking on their forums.

Many thanks. Heading over there now! :slight_smile: