Something strange using OCD tools

nobody wrote on Thursday, March 17, 2005:

I’m trying to debug FreeRTOS but there is something strange. I’m not familiar with OCD tools. OCD seems to invert the bytes on download command.

I use a Olimex LPC board + Olimex Wiggler device. Here is the step i made…

1) Download ELF file with Rowley CrossStudio
2) Quit CrossStudio
3) Start OCDCommander
4) Dump memory, 0x40000000  0xE59F007C
5) Go command and the program will run correctly
6) Halt and download the same ELF file with OCD Commander
7) Dump memory, 0x40000000 =  0x7C009FE5 <- the word is inverted !!
8) Cannot run !!!

I have the same inversion using OCDRemote + Insight !!

Any idea !!
Thanks in advance!

nobody wrote on Thursday, March 17, 2005:

Do you have a config file for OCD?  Normally this starts with:

endian little"

Could you be the wrong endian?

I don’t know much about elf so this might not be possible the problem source.  If binary then the compiler would sort out endian?