Some Questions regarding FreeRTOS

naveedulmustafa wrote on Thursday, February 24, 2011:

Hi/AOA all,

I am new to this help forum and also new with FreeRTOS. I have read practical guide for using FreeRTOS but i still need your help to clarify some quetsions.

1) Does FreeRTOS provide support for EDF or priority based preemptive sceduling is only scheduling algorithm supported by FreeRTOS?

2) How Can I calculate interrupt overhead in FreeRTOS? is it always bounded or it depends upon some variable factors?

-Naveed Ul Mustafa

naveedulmustafa wrote on Thursday, February 24, 2011:

Here is another question:

1) In FreeRTOS, does kernel always take the same time to reserve meory whenever we reserve memroy by specifying stackdepth as a parameter of xTaskCreate( ) API function?

2) if i am not using dynamic memory allocation in my application, then is it ok to sya that " i can determine memory usage of my program statically"?

3)  Can we monitor and enforce memory budget in our program? I know that one can use uxGetStackHighWaterMark( ) and stack overflow hook to monitor stack of a particular task but what about monitoring of memory that is allocated dynamically?

4) what about virtual memory with refernce to FreeRTOS? Does it  limit use of virtual memory or it deostnt use it at all?

5) In FreeRTOS, is it safe to say that “execution time for automatic garbage collection is predictable”?