SNMP agent

Does anybody know any SNMP agent that runs on top of FreeRTOS IP stack? Or perhaps a chance of such an agent becoming available in FreeRTOS libraries?

I guess it would be a very useful resource.

Thank you.

Hello Rafael,

Welcome to the FreeRTOS community!

Apologies but we do not have SNMP as a part of FreeRTOS+TCP library as of now. Neither is it on our future roadmap currently. The future roadmap can change though and we’ll respond here in case that happens. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any other specific problem, let us know (in a separate forum post as that will get other users to chime in) and maybe we can help you with that.


Hello Rafael,

We have a customer project that uses FreeRTOS+TCP and contains an SNMP agent.

Like you, when we looked around we couldn’t find an open source agent and so had to license a commercial implementation to use. We evaluated solutions from Unicoi, DMH Software and HCC-Embedded.