Security of FreeRTOS and it's variants

Hi. I want to know details about below query.
I am planning to use FreeRTOS in one of our application.
I want to know who will monitor security of FreeRTOS and its variants (OpenRTOS & SafeRTOS)
and how a user will come to know if any new security patch is available?
Do we need to pay anything for such notifications?
Please clarify above queries.

As FreeRTOS is an open source project, now sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the community as well as AWS developers will maintain the code base to, fix bugs, add new functionality etc…
The code is hosted on Github so the easiest way to stay updated is to watch the FreeRTOS repository or AWS “version”.

You still have to ensure that you have configured the various libraries that you use and your application are making use of security best practices.

In short, there is no maintenance fee to pay to anyone but it is not cost free. You have to keep your system up to date and secure.

Also a good page to visit is the support options which outlines the commercial support options available for OpenRTOS and AWS premium support.