RM46L852ZWTT HDK HalCoGen FreeRTOS 8.2 versus FreeRTOS 9.0 example

neilberryparker wrote on Thursday, July 13, 2017:

I built a HalCoGen project using version 4.6.1 for a RM46 HDK. Using the TI samples I eventually was able to send and receive CAN1 frames using interrupts. HalCoGen builds FreeRTOS 8.2.

I wanted the full demo with blinky LED and other timer support as found in the FreeRTOS 9.0 demo for RM48 on CCS IDE.

In a previous thread, someone sugested copying files from FreeRTOS over the os files that HalCoGen created.

Can someone provide a list of files. So long as it supports, CAN1, Timers, and an externally changing LED to show operation; it might not need other features.

rtel wrote on Friday, July 14, 2017:

I presume you are talking about the obtaining just the standard demo
files, which make up the demo project. These are in the
FreeRTOS/Demo/Common/minimal directory of the main download. The
following page provides information on where to find the RM48 project,
and the project itself contains the files used by the RM48 demo
application. main.c creates the demo tasks.