Demo for TI Cortex M4F and IAR?

Hello all,
I’m getting up to speed on FreeRTOS with a TI EK-TM4C129EXL (Cortex M4F) demo board and using IAR.
Is there a demo project for the above? I found a few TI demo projects for M4F, but not my MPU, or for Luminary micro (which TI took over) which is old.
I mostly want get the file structure correct. If there is no demo, then how can I learn how to do same?
thanks George

This is probably the closest - but it is really, really, really old! I use it for testing in QEMU as there is a QEMU model of that device (the Luminary Micro part that become the Tiva) so the demo is not as described on the web.

These links may also be helpful:

Hello Richard,
And thank you for replying.
Yes, I saw the Luminary micro demo. I think it’s the one you indicated. But it looks like I’m on my own to create a new project. I don’t really see any up to date demos for TI (at least M4F, which is what I’m doing). My concern is getting the porting and pathing right - especially as a new-bee. The demos are instrumental in porting and such. I have started going through the links you indicated.
Regards George

Hello again Richard,
I’m perplexed why the demo projects seem to be very old, as you eluded to.
I’ve been going trough the documentation and it usually says to start with a demo project, or start with a demo project of the same MPU family and do some tweaks. But there are no projects for TI’s Teva family, and I’m perplexed about this. I assume this is a widely used family and that the FreeRTOS community would have uploaded demos. Do you know if there is a reason for that? I’d be happy to upload such demos once I get up to speed, but for now my problem is that I’m new to FreeRTOS and there is no “starter kit” for my demo board. And it does not build my confidence to build a FreeRTOS project from scratch (which seems to be discouraged in the FreeRTOS documentation).