`RamLoc32' overflowed - error at compiling

doini-2012 wrote on Thursday, March 07, 2013:


I am working with FreeRTOS on LPCXpesso and I have the following error when I compile:

Application.axf section `.bss’ will not fit in region `RamLoc32’

region `RamLoc32’ overflowed by 3472 bytes

I would appreciate any help about what I should do.

Thank you

edwards3 wrote on Thursday, March 07, 2013:

Your program is failing to link because there is too much data in the RamLoc32 section.

The linker script managed by LPCXpress describes the memory map of the LPC micro you are using with named sections. One section is called RamLoc32. The linker then allocates code, constants and variables to the sections, and more has been allocated to the RamLoc32 section than can fit in the section.

See what is being allocated to RamLoc32. Maybe reducing the size of configTOTAL_HEAP_SIZE by 3500 bytes will fix the problem.

hisdudeness23 wrote on Monday, March 25, 2013:

Hi doini-2012,

if you have a large array of data, you can also place it manually into another RAM-region.

This link might help you:

You can find the addresses of the RAM-regions in the User-Manual (UM10360) of the LPC-Chips. I assume, that you are using the LPC1769-MCU, so take a look at page 12.

Good luck!

The Dude.