Question about queue

gary10es wrote on Wednesday, December 02, 2009:

Hello everybody!

I want to communicate two task in FreeRTOS port to AVR32. I woluld like to known what is the time to send a data (byte) to one queue.
Mi RTOS use a tick 1msecond and my clock frequency  is 66Mhz
Can i use  queue? or must i  use Semaphore? (i need the fastest solution)


davedoors wrote on Thursday, December 03, 2009:

The fastest solution would be to use neither, just use an array as a circular buffer. If you want to send lots of data then use a circular buffer to store the data, and then use a single send to a semaphore to unblock the task that will process the data.

I would say though, only you know what speed you need a response, so try it, see if it works, if it does great, if it doesn’t then think again.