Question about Discourse forum software: edit post limitation?

Apologies for posting under this category, but I did not see a more appropriate one.

Basically, I have inserted a gist link in one of my posts. Then I added a revision to the gist, and now the gist link I have inserted in the post is wrong.

So I would like to edit the post and insert the correct link - however I do not have an edit button ?!

I tried to look for posts that contain “edit post” on this forum, to maybe clarify the situation - and I found nothing relevant.

I guessed the forum used here is Discourse, and I found that indeed, there is an edit post time limitation in this software:

Free to edit post at any time - feature - Discourse Meta

Why can’t we edit posts at any time? …

There is a configuration item, post edit time limit, that limits for how long posts can be edited. It defaults to 86400 minutes (2 months).

Yes that is a default safety feature. Feel free to set it to years, instead of the default of two months, on your Discourse as needed.

Ok, so apparently here it is far less than two months, since I cannot edit posts I’ve made in the past week.

Could somebody just confirm “yes, there is time limit for post editing, and it is XXX hours/days”, so that next time I’m unpleasantly surprised that I cannot edit my posts, it does not have to be compounded with the frustration of not knowing whether it is intended or not?

Can you share the link to your post? Do you not see the following buttons:


Many thanks @aggarg,

Hmm - that is what i would have expected too - especially since I’ve already had luck in editing one of my posts (this one: A single FreeRTOS task … /1):

… but now when I look at the graphical submenu both of that post - and my reply A single FreeRTOS task … /8 the only thing I get is this:

… that is, there is no pencil icon (for editing) in that graphical submenu.

Initially I would have guessed that my account maybe does not have edit permissions - but again, I’ve already had luck editing one of my posts once; which is why I was guessing that this must be a “forum edit post timeout” problem.

Would anyone have an explanation otherwise of why I’m not seeing the “editing pencil”?

EDIT (yes): I do in fact have the editing pencil on this post at the moment:

… but still nothing on the other ones.

I am not sure about why you do not see that edit button. However, I do see that on your post. I am happy to update the link for you, if you want to share here.

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Many thanks again, @aggarg,

That’s a shame, then it’s probably not trivial to solve … But at least we have this documented now.

Thank you, much appreciated!

So, the gist link in A single FreeRTOS task … /8 should now be:


I updated the link in your post. I will check with my colleagues if anyone knows about this limitation.

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