Forum internal: Missing Email notifications?

Hi there,

sorry for posting this here, but I haven’t found a place to contact a site admin or ask questions about the forum software itself…

I have Email notifications enabled, and so far, this has worked very reliably in the past. However, for two days now, I have not received any notification mail for new forum posts.

Before I contact my Email provider, I would just like to confirm that this is not an issue with the forum. Thus, has anyone else experienced similar problems, or is everything working as usual if you have Email notifications enabled?


I’m getting notifications, so it isn’t a site-wide issue.

Thanks, Richard! Well appreciated.

I’m also getting email notifications, and can’t see any issues within the forum’s backend.

Thanks to you as well, appears to be a problem on my provider’s side. It is fine to delete this thread now as far as I am concerned.

Sorry for bringing this up again… @rtel , would it be possible for you to get me in touch with an admin person via PM so we don’t need to get everybody involved? I checked with my provider, and they said they can only get involved with support of the message’s sender. They couldn’t locate any obvious problem on their side.

Thanks and apologies again to the community for making the issue public temporarily!

Will pass on a link to this post.

Thanks to everyone involved in helping me via PM!

Just to wrap up the issue for anyone interested:

From what I can tell, it turns out that your Email hoster (Civilized Discourse Construction Kit Inc., sending mails from an IP address range that contains the has made it to the global black list of my Email provider, the Deutsche Telekom (DT), implying that nobody serviced by the DT will receive Emails sent through the discourse domain anymore.

Unfortunately, the DT very simply refuses to accept complaints from anyone but Discourse Mail. I have typed my fingers bloody, but all I keep getting back is “have the people at discourse complain with DT. Nothing else gets you anywhere.”

This is NOT Deutsche Telekom Bashing. In fact, they provide very stable and reliable services with decent support. Their spam filtering technique is so elaborate that I hardly ever get any junk - yet the downside is that there are also a number of mails I’d like to get that they swallow. Oh well.

Of course, I’m aware of techniques to work around the issue, such as obtaining a “disposable” mail address from another provider for notifications like these. Yet that’s not the issue here; I’m basically concerned about my provider deciding for me beyond my control which mails to withhold (and therebye risking false spam positives which I don’t approve of).

Anyways, no reaction required here, again just to wrap up the issue. I understand that there are very likely at least two indirections between the forum admins and the hosting company so that the chances of activating anyone at Discoure are practically nil.


@RAc, I’ll bring this to Discourse’s attention and see if they can’t escalate and find a resolution. This impacts all their customers and since they provide online communities for so many critical brands, hopefully DT is willing to find a solution with them

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I can see that the e-mails are no longer bouncing back. We will continue monitoring the situation the next few days. Hopefully this is permanently resolved for you and anyone else who uses DT as their ISP.