Process for adding port for a proprietary core in FreeRTOS official package

I want to know details on adding FreeRTOS port for a proprietary core in FreeRTOS official release package.

I am also looking for FreeRTOS device qualification to test the port for this core. Does qualifyng the device is sufficient to add the port to the official package or we need to follow some other steps as well. Detailed information on this would be helpful.

Are you looking to contribute a kernel port, or qualify a cloud connected integration?

If the kernel port only then we are in the process of categorising kernel ports as being supported directly by ourselves, supported by our partners, or “unsupported” - unsupported meaning we make the code available and will do our best to support users but nobody is really responsible for maintaining a test setup. This is not fully documented yet but you will see the idea on the following links:

To add to what Richard already mentioned, if you want to put a FreeRTOS-Kernel port for a proprietary core, you can put it in the “Community Supported Ports” repository.

This document defines how the support differs for different third party ports - FreeRTOS-Kernel/ at main · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel · GitHub

This document describes the process to contribute a community port - FreeRTOS-Kernel-Community-Supported-Ports/ at main · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel-Community-Supported-Ports · GitHub

Let us know if you face any problem.


Thanks Richard. I am looking to contribute kernel port along with some demos which can be downloaded as part of official FreeRTOS release. Currently we provide a separate FreeRTOS support package with the kernel port and some demos for this proprietary core and this package can be used on top of official FreeRTOS pachage. Interested in added the port to FreeRTOS package itself to avoid the extra steps to run the demos for this core.

Thanks Gaurav. I did come across this link for community supported ports but I think these ports wont be added to FreeRTOS releases. We are interested in adding the port and demos to the official download package to facilitate users.

Sounds interesting - you can contact me directly using the Business Related Inquiries link to let me know which processor this is, etc. Thanks.

These ports are included with FreeRTOS releases - putting them in those locations just clarifies support.