Collect all FreeRTOS Interactive ports in one repo

I am new to this forum but not to FreeRTOS. I played around with it in lab settings years ago, and now I wanted to try to use FreeRTOS as a base for an Idris Unikernel project. I was looking around for ports to some of the devices that I own and found that it was difficult to find since each port has its own repo. Sometimes there’s even more than one port to choose from. I thought that it would be good to collect all ports in one place just like it’s done for all the supported devices. I created a github and added two ports that I am interested in; versatilepb and BeagleBone Black. If there are any people out there that think that this is a good idea, please create a pull-request against my repo with your ports and I’ll include them.


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Thanks for doing this. We used to have the FreeRTOS Interactive site for this purpose ( - although we have had troubles with that site recently so it is not easy to use now we plan to replace it soon.

Hi @JonasCl, thank you for doing this. What are some considerations that are important to you for having the specific ports listed and discoverable? What are some “nice to haves” that you might want from a wishlist of features if a repository listing were available?

As @rtel mentioned, we are looking to replace FreeRTOS Interactive with something functional. We’re also evaluating some features that would make development easier/better.

I think that the main thing is to have all ports in one place to make them easy to find and to make efforts focused instead of spread out on many different ports. FreeRTOS Interactive should definitely have a repo with all ports collected, just like the repo for the supported devices of FreeRTOS. My wish would be to collect as many ports as possible in this repo, especially for the platforms that people tinker with at home. Such as all Arduino’s, Beagle’s and Raspberry Pi’s. Did this answer your questions?

It is also not bad if this repo exists on GitHub since that is the go-to place today for open-source development.

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This is understandable. What do you believe is needed for a user to pick up the community contributed port and be successful in getting some demos running? For a hobbyist, do you believe that they’ll be able to use the ports for boards such as various Arduinos (ATmega…) when normally the Arduino IDE abstracts the compiler and makefile steps out?

This is a good point and I’ll note this.

Well, I think that many hobbyists are also professional programmers just like myself. For them it would be pretty easy to just run a makefile target. That would shorten the time to a running demo considerably. For hobbyists without professional experience I think that this repo would make it possible for them to use FreeRTOS, whereas now it would be virtually impossible. Focused effort will create better ports and they will be more up to date, and hence easier for people that don’t know how to tweak here and there to get something to run.